Touch Net India Pvt Ltd

Touch Net India Pvt Ltd was established in 2002 as a Software Development & Internet Service Provider(ISP) company at the millennium city of Gurgaon. We started as one stop solution company, offering product & services related to INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES and SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT.

With the exponential growth and advancement in communication technologies, we started focusing only on INTERNET TECHNOLOGY related products & services and subsequently got an ISP Licence from Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India in 2004 for providing Internet services in Gurgaon region. We further expanded our services by including wireless networking solutions(P-to-P & P-to-M), creating Wi-fi Zones and providing broadband services to all strata of clients ( Home / Corporate / Commercial / Industrial / PG’s & Hotels) in almost all parts of Gurgaon region.

In pursuance of our aim to provide excellent services to our valuable subscribers, “Touch Net India Pvt Ltd” became one of the well-known & admired ISP in the field of wireless broadband services company. This fact has been substantiated by our subscriber’s awesome feedback on “Google Reviews”, giving us 4.1 ratings. This further helped us to keep on improving our services.

During these many years, our company has built a strong team that provides off site and onsite implementation & technical support and business process consulting to its clientsround the clock.The solutions provided by our team are engineered using cutting edge technologies using Fibre / Wireless & other communication products of multiple brands, range and capacities.

We strongly believe that our customers should be so fanatical about our services that they become our most powerful marketing force. This vision, coupled with absolute respect for the privacy of our customers is helping Touch Net gradually achieve its aim of becoming the leader in the industry.

Why to subscribe for Our Services

At Touch Net India Pvt Ltd we have a dedicated team of professionals to provide you an instant support with unmatched uptime in delivery of our services. Touch Net uses a state-of-the-art network infrastructure based on latest communication devices, wireless technologies & fibre based connectivity solutions to ensure reliability, scalability and availability of excess bandwidth with seamless connectivity to all its subscribers. The system in place has been able to address the long felt need for Hi-speed and efficient Internet connectivity in the commercial heartland. Redundancy of Link has been ensured by simultaneously connecting through multiple communication channels( Fibre & Wireless) and multiple backend ISP’s.

The System in place supports transmission capacity upto multi Gigabit traffic across multiple channels thereby ultimately paving the way to simultaneously connecting to unlimited number of households, businesses, educational institutes, industries, NGO’s , PG’s & Hotels etc in the archipelago to the Internet with blistering speed.

Advantage Touch Net India…

  • Genuine Broadband Speed
  • Always on Internet
  • No Disconnections
  • Parallel/standby links at all locations
  • Redundancy of link with bandwidth from multiple ISP's
  • Complaint Attending - IMMEDIATE
  • NO dedicated telephone lines required
  • No expensive cable modems required
  • No Limit on Download/Upload, depending upon plan speed
  • Faster, Economical & Reliable